How to Gain Lean Muscle, Increase Strength, Endurance and Flexibility…

…without gimmicks, drugs or starvation diets


Doug performing the L-seat at age 50

Doug performing the L-seat at age 50

Welcome to my website and my tried and tested tips on health, physical conditioning, martial arts, self-defense, outdoor skills, cheap living and urban survival. (Including handy skills like Night vision.)Let me share with you tips on how to gain lean muscle, increase strength, endurance and flexibility without gimmicks, drugs or starvation diets. I can show you how to run faster, eat cheaper and overcome common health problems like allergies, sleeping disorders, depression, indigestion and fatigue.

I have served with the Canadian Airborne Regiment and army reserves and have trained in some of the hottest and coldest parts of Canada, including the Arctic, the United States and a peacekeeping tour of Croatia (former Yugoslavia).I have trained well over 350 recruits in fitness, firearms, tactics, First Aid, outdoor and winter survival, navigation, leadership and teamwork.

I have also trained in kick-boxing and martial arts, competing in Canada and Hong Kong, studied nutrition and healing and authored several books.

10,000 feet on Mt. Rainier

I have helped hundreds of fitness clients reach their fitness goals and improve their lives, including:

• Passing military and police fitness tests.

• Getting stronger, faster and leaner.

• Competing in martial arts.

• Giving up pain medicine.

• Defending themselves.