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Hi, I am Doug Setter, trainer and author of Strength-Endurance Secrets.  Thank you for dropping by my health & fitness website.

Enjoying Health & Fitness at10,000 feet on Mt. Rainier. Mt. St. Helen in background

L-Seat, age 50

Doug performing the L-seat, age 50

My mission is to teach you techniques of gain muscle, strength, endurance and flexibility despite mainstream gimmicks, drugs or starvation diets.


That is to say a side benefits of greater health & fitness is feeling of well-being and an increase in self-confidence.  As a result, the ability to jump out of bed in the morning, touch the floor and feel energized all day, undeniably boosts a person’s self-worth, self-esteem and self-reliance.


Furthermore, these health & fitness methods not only restore well-being and strength, reduce alcohol craving and flatten your stomach  but also increase mental focus, calmness and libido.


What’s more, I also like to share the survival tips that I learned while living in the outdoors, freezing temperatures and high-crime areas.  In addition, self-defence and the little known science of navigation and Night Vision.


What’s more, you can learn how to run faster, concentrate better, eat better and cheaper and sleep deeper.

Another key point is that you can discover natural, low-cost cures for allergies, joint pain, infections, sleeping disorders, depression, indigestion and fatigue.

I served with the Canadian Airborne Regiment and army reserves where good health & fitness was essential.  For instance, military duty took me to the hottest and coldest parts of Canada, the Arctic, the U.S.A. and parts of Europe.  Unquestionably, under some of those circumstances, good physical conditioning and training prevented many environmental injuries.

In 1993, I served as an infantry Sergeant on a peacekeeping tour of Croatia (former Yugoslavia).  In this situation, good fitness undoubtedly enabled me to tolerate the long hours of work, heat, isolation and stress.

Additionally, I have trained well over 350 army recruits in fitness, firearms, tactics, First Aid, outdoor, survival and teamwork. Not to mention taught winter survival, navigation and leadership.

Similarly, as a civilian, I have trained in kick-boxing and competed in Canada and Hong Kong, run full marathons and taught fitness and martial arts.

At this point, I have helped hundreds of health & fitness clients reach their fitness goals and improve their lives, including:

  • Passing military and police fitness tests.

  • Getting stronger, faster and leaner.

  • Competing in martial arts.

  • Giving up pain medicine.

  • Defending themselves.