The Five Stages of Adrenal Exhaustion

Fatigue, nervousness, sleep problems, mood swings, muscle twitches, digestive disorders, lack of concentration and proneness to illness does not just happen over night. Often, the above symptoms are the result of adrenal exhaustion. Many of use have been there and have not realized it until it was too late. Just like many other mental, physical … Continue reading “The Five Stages of Adrenal Exhaustion”

Bully Busting 110: High Risk Times at High School

So, you return to high school into grade 9 or 10.  You are almost into adulthood and close to being finished with this school prison.  It is also where a majority of physical bullying takes place, especially to low-income teens from single parent families. After your summer break, you, as a bully’s target, might find … Continue reading “Bully Busting 110: High Risk Times at High School”

Stand Up Without Using Your Hands

One of the most direct ways of testing core strength, flexibility, balance and body control is simply landing up from the prone position…without using your hands. Start with the Pilates Roll-Like-a-Ball exercise by lying on a mat on the ground and curling into a ball.  Hold your shins (beginners grab the backs of your thighs), … Continue reading “Stand Up Without Using Your Hands”

Bully Busting 109: Strengths and Weaknesses

If you are really dedicated to “unbullying” your life, you need to be aware of who your bullies are and what makes them tick. Everyone has a weakness, personal problems, crazy relatives and something that they are deeply ashamed of.  This is especially true of bullies.  They are terrified of being exposed of what they … Continue reading “Bully Busting 109: Strengths and Weaknesses”

Bully Busting 108: Verbal Fast Balls

Verbal bullying feeds off of reactions. The more that the receiver reacts, the more that the bully enjoys the taunting. The bully feeds off the pain of others. Eventually, he/she steps it up into more physical abuse. One can “tough out” the taunts, which sometimes leads to a physical altercation. Or one can provide whitty … Continue reading “Bully Busting 108: Verbal Fast Balls”

How Gut Bacteria Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Raising your mood might be as far as bacteria in your refrigerator. I mean friendly bacteria from fermented foods. This is this friendly bacteria, effects levels of serotonin in your body. Serotonin, which influences mood, sleep, depression and aggression, is more concentrated in the gut than the brain. Something like 5-10% is stored in the … Continue reading “How Gut Bacteria Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety”

Bully Busting 106: Winning the Interview

Bullies (and other criminals) are like wild animals testing out their prey before they make their put down, lunch robbery, strong arming or assault.  They have no conscious of hurting someone weaker or out-numbered. (Man, it was five to one.  He was the toughest guy that we ever beat up.”)   This “sniffing out the prey” … Continue reading “Bully Busting 106: Winning the Interview”