Depression, low-blood sugar and allergies

How much of depression is biochemical?  How much is psychological? Well, the mind can effect the biochemistry of the body and vice versa.  In her book, Seven Weeks to Sobriety, researcher, Dr. Joan Mathews Larson describes the frequency that hypoglycemics and depression-prone patients experience certain symptoms: Nervousness                       93% Irritability                            89% Exhaustion                          87% Depression                          86% Forgetfulness                     … Continue reading “Depression, low-blood sugar and allergies”

Bully Busting 103: Strength Training

It took me a few years to finally accept the facts of life that I needed more physical strength to deal with the high school bully. It was around the late 1970’s when many martial artists, like world karate champion Joe Lewis and legendary Bruce Lee were weight training. Even the old Chinese martial art … Continue reading “Bully Busting 103: Strength Training”

How Not To Get Bullied, Beat Up or Bamboozled Part 2

As mentioned in the previous article, the school, the teachers, the workplace or any other institution is going to be very slow in dealing with bullying at school or the workplace. This is why, if you think that you are being bullied, you need to make yourself more bully proof. Start with getting yourself stronger … Continue reading “How Not To Get Bullied, Beat Up or Bamboozled Part 2”

How Not to Get Bullied, Beat Up or Bamboozled part 1

Interview with Sara Troy of Self Discovery Radio The Nanny State approach to stop people from being bullied is a dismal failure.  Bullies are able to run free without accountability and schools are being held legally liable. You only have to watch some of the children’s sports to watch how the parents threaten and disrespect … Continue reading “How Not to Get Bullied, Beat Up or Bamboozled part 1”

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The Hypoglycemic and Alcohol

Was it alcohol? Early commuters were literally stepping over an unconscious man at a Surrey skytrain station one morning. Though he appeared drunk, the man was actually hypoglycemic and suffering from low blood sugar. Though the man had not consumed any alcohol, his failure to eat or eating too many simple sugars probably caused his … Continue reading “The Hypoglycemic and Alcohol”

The Five Stages of Adrenal Exhaustion

Fatigue, nervousness, sleep problems, mood swings, muscle twitches, digestive disorders, lack of concentration and proneness to illness does not just happen over night. Often, the above symptoms are the result of adrenal exhaustion. Many of us have been there and have not realized it until it was too late. Just like many other mental, physical … Continue reading “The Five Stages of Adrenal Exhaustion”