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Who We Are?

I’m Sgt. (Ret’d) Doug Setter. It is my intent to help you get you stronger and healthier so that you can enjoy your later years.


1. Bachelor of Human Ecology (Food and Nutrition) from the University of Manitoba.

2. Certified fitness instructor, exercise-to-music, resistance training, training the 35+ adult, personal training and Pilates Instructor Mat Level 1. In addition, design and led Women’s Cardio Kick-Boxing in Winnipeg’s St. James school district 1997 to 2002.

3. Completed five full marathons. First place over 50 year division Battle River Half Marathon, Alberta, 2013.

4. Won welterweight kick-boxing championship at age 40.

5. Climbed Mt. Rainier at age 47.

6. Junior Leadership, Infantry Section Commander, Senior Leadership and Warrant Officer’s course.

7. Former paratrooper (Canadian Airborne Regiment and Royal Westminster Regiment Jump Platoon), infantry sergeant, United Nations peacekeeper (former Yugoslavia).

Growing up as a sick, underweight kid, I struggled with getting stronger and dealing with school bullies. Through little known methods I was able to gain 40 pounds of muscle, become a paratrooper, welterweight kickboxing titleholder and author, remove my allergies, run full marathons, climb Mount Rainier and go from a high school C average student to earning a Bachelor of Human Ecology.


Doug performing an L-Seat at age 63.

Second Wind Body Science is about recharging your mind and body with breathing, training methods, exercises, nutrients, and mental conditioning regardless of your age. 

Some of our trainees have:

  • Removed back pain.
  • Increased their strength and flexibility.
  • Dropped 50 pounds (and another 200 pounds of overbearing boyfriend).
  • Passed military and police training standards.
  • Lost six inches around their waist.

Hauling packs up Grouse Mountain with Kettle Bell Queen, Trish Dong

Hiking the Grouse Grind with Kettle Bell Queen Trish Dong

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