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Anxiety is an Illusion

Anxiety is an Illusion

Professor Detlef Beeker’s book: Anxiety is an Illusion. gives very simple methods for easing out of an anxious state.

He combines:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping,


Cognitive; and, of course;


  I will share my take away with you.  

1. EFT.  When you have a problem (eg. headache, frustration with your job search, etc.), you can gently tap on the points: 

A. At your eyebrow, near your nose (you should find a slight dent there). 

B. On the outside edge of your eye. 

C. Directly under the eye. 

D. Under the nose. 

E. Under your lip (between the lip and chin). 

F.  On the collar bone. 

It is interesting that decades ago, a kung fu instructor demonstrated these exact same points to release toxins and energy blocks. He did not tap, but pressed heavy.  Which is probably why I avoided it.  

BREATHING. The deep controlled breathing (not the panicky hyper ventilation) is good for calming down or, at least keeping the situation from getting worse. I mentioned in some of my books that short, rapid breathing builds up carbon dioxide in the body and induces fatigue.  Slow, deep breathing releases the CO2 and brings in more oxygen to help clear the mind and body. 

COGNITIVE. Cognitive can be a type of self-talk where you ask yourself just what is the problem.  Often you find that you go deeper and deeper into the problem.  For instance, when I was job searching, part of the problem was the stigma of not working.  I hated telling people that I was looking for work (even though I was really hustling with job search and promoting my business at the same time). 

LIFESTYLE. Lifestyle is what I harp on all of the time.  Detlef insists that to minimize stress, we must avoid C.A.T.S: Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco and Sweeteners.  Basically, avoid stimulants if you are in a stressed position.  Always remember that people with NO problems are usually in the grave yard.  We cannot avoid problems, just handle them.  

In Health, 

Coach Doug 

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