Bully Busting 104: Nutrition

One of the keys to not being lower on the human food chain is to eat more like a higher food chain animal.  This does not mean to become a total carnivore, but rather eating for strength and endurance.

Look at the stronger, healthier nations like the Eastern Europeans and Africans.  In the early 20th century, many of the top American athletes were from these ethnic/cultural backgrounds.  Japanese also have long life spans and since the introduction of high protein foods the the mid-20th century, the average Japanese person is physically larger than their parents.   Much of the their strength and health is due to their lifestyles and food.

Two words to focus on:  “High Protein.”

The basic formula: one gram of protein for every two pounds (or one kilogram) of body weight for muscle gain.

This means:

Breakfast: 2-3 eggs  and/or oatmeal instead of processed cereal and sugared drinks.

Lunch:        Fish/chicken/beef dishes or sandwiches instead of french fries, pop, white bread, pastries, chocolate bars.

Supper:       Fish/chicken/beef or vegetarian dishes, steamed vegetables, brown rice  instead of T.V. dinners, pizza and starchy foods.

Snacks:       Almond butter, humus, rice crackers, protein shakes, raw vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts instead of pastries, chips, sugared drinks, sugared yogurt.

Do you think that an inactive, under fed kid is a match for several well-fed athletes?  Not likely.  But, eating better will make you stronger and more alert and make your exercise more productive for growing stronger muscles.

One of the better anti-bullying books was George Carpenter’s “Street Fighting.”  Carpenter described his own training of boxing, weight-lifting and high-protein eating that enabled him to protect himself and his family over the course of several decades.

Conversely, the fashionable, trendy “kinder and gentler” side of society promotes pure vegetarianism, starvation diets and expensive coffee drinks.  Do not fall into this weak-eating trap.  It is both expensive and scientifically unproven.  You can eat cheap and still get stronger and healthier.  When you do, you will notice your confidence improve.

Several times I have seen the young, tired person who tries to live on white bread, white rice or mostly starch.  They are almost always under or over weight and a constantly need other people to help them with their work.  Some of the university students, studying nutrition had some of the worst eating habits I have seen.

Eating right shows that you respect your mind and body.  When you show that you respect yourself, others will tend to do the same towards you.

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