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Corona Virus and Survival Trends

Corona Virus and Survival Trends

Here we go with the virus thing… again.

Every 10 years there seems to be a new disease. If it is not a real threat, like Anthrax, it is a new mental condition ending with”itis.” For now, it is Corona Virus or COVID19. Another flu bug.

This world-wide panic is nothing short of ridiculous.

I recall training an infantry course and this one trainee had all sorts of problems ranging from depression to some kind of fatigue syndrome. One day he claimed to have IBS and the course warrant officer told the recruit that he did not. He just had to take a sh**. And that was the end of that.

To date, here his my history of disease exposure:

  1. Pneumonia three times before age of six. Vaccinated for Polio, Whooping Cough and Lock Jaw. Had Mumps and whatever childhood disease.
  2. Military Boot Camp. Got pumped full of vaccinations. Some guys broke out in big scabs and got sick. I was tired and sore for a few days. But, then, who was not?
  3. 1976 when the “Legionnaires’ Disease” killed a single group of people. So, the Feds panicked. Me and some other guys with security clearances were vaccinated (tested?) with Swine Flu. Got sick for a few days. Thanks for nothing Canadian Forces and president Gerald Ford.
  4. Peacekeeping mission in former Yugoslavia. Overseas mission. Got pumped full of whatever vaccinations. Felt tired. Got over it.
  5. Then there was the far deadlier AIDS, SARS, Mad Cow Disease, Aviain Flu, West Nile and the Anthrax threat. Most of us survived. Improvements were made in farming, manufacturing, travel and security. We, as humans, carried on.

While I was peacekeeping in Croatia, I recall seeing mortar bombs getting dropped on Serbian civilian homes. When the smoke cleared, the people went to work and school. Despite the fact that mortar bombs could hit them outside of their homes, they carried on with their lives. In my mind, they were far superior to the west where we are panicking (and fighting) about toilet paper.

If anything positive comes out of this survival situation it could be:

  1. Cleaner public facilities and airplanes.
  2. Cleaner habits.
  3. More socialising with friends at home and neighbourhoods.
  4. Increased work and schooling at home (less traffic on roads).
  5. Improved delivery services.
  6. Better focus on health, enjoyment and home improvement.

So, instead of fretting over it, use your time to improve yourself. Read Flat Gut After 50

That is my spin on it.

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