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Courage, Courtesy and the Covid

Courage, Courtesy and the Covid

This pandemic is really showing people’s true colours. You can see it plainly. I call it courage, courtesy and the Covid.

There are people doing the best that they can, while others are trying to take advantage of a serious situation.

Some of my clients, former bosses and friends are telling me about workers who are demanding extra pay for working around the holidays (they conveniently found religion at the last minute). Others are asking for another four dollars an hour for (get this) danger pay.

Danger pay? Really? Ask some of our medical workers, police, firefighters or military about danger pay? How about those newly arrived folk who work minimum wage in some of the worst parts of the city? (Labour Statistics 1993-1996) Stats show that some fast food and late night retail workers are four times more likely to be injured or shot than police officers.

I used to parachute with the Canadian military and we got maybe an extra $105 a month for “jump pay.” Or we would risk hypothermia and frostbite in freezing conditions for an extra $17 “field pay.” Oh yeah, and nothing extra for the mortar bombs dropped around us or the land mines while working as U.N. peacekeepers.

Which is nothing compared to the soldiers who have to do the dangerous, dirty work of fighting in hostile, backward countries. I won’t even mention the disease-infested areas that they are forced to operate in. (My friend still gets bouts of malaria from his time in Africa.)

But, DANGER pay for unloading a truck full of plants or working within six feet of the public?

This was almost as disgusting as the conduct of a young man at a local corner store ran by an Asian lady. After paying for his bok choy, this young hipster insisted that the cashier spray sanitizer on the change coins in his hand.

I was too gob-smacked to tell this snowflake to “grow a pair” and wash his hands when he got home.

This self-entitled prima donna was basically telling this hard-working woman that she was “unclean.” So,because the of current pandemic, it was OK to insult her so he could get some special treatment. In my youth, he might have received a good, old-fashion beating for insulting a lady like that. That kind of conduct was unheard of.

This me-me-me attitude does not fly in troubled times. I will tell you right now. The last thing that any military unit, work crew or business needs are lame, self-centered demands during a time of crisis.

This is not the time to use this pandemic to cheat or insult employers or others. Rather, it is an opportunity to show good faith, improve ourselves and look after our neighbourhoods.

Memories are long. Our conduct during this pandemic will be remembered for a time afterwards.

In the meantime, stay fit with Flat Gut After 50.

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