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Dads and Daughters

Dads and Daughters

Whenever I hear about a girl getting harassed, assaulted or taking her own life, I always ask: Where was the father?

I mean, in my book, the dad is the daughter’s protector, period. Maybe the old man (in my case 61 years old) is not the smartest, strongest or even nicest guy on the planet. Still, he has a responsibility to look after his little miss.

Too often, I hear some dads moaning how they don’t have time for themselves or how they sacrifice their health for their children. If anything, being a father motivates me to stay healthier, fitter and maybe even smarter. Having a child rely on me, pushes me to build my strength, stamina and thinking capacity.

I remember being tired and a bit discouraged while training with the army on my infantry warrant officer’s course. Despite the lack of sleep, the rain, the cold and the mud, I kept thinking that I had to finish this for my daughter. Her dad was not a failure.

Let’s face it. Especially as an older dad, it is important to be able to keep up with a child or even a teenager. I am not saying that every dad has to be able a marathon runner, UFC fighter and mountain climber. What I am saying is that a dad needs to dial back on his drinking, smoking and laziness so that he can be around for his kids. Especially his daughter.

Believe it or not, that little person is looking to her dad for guidance. Even though, she can be a handful at times and make you wonder if sometimes this girl can be possessed by demons. This is all the more reason to be the healthiest that you can be so as to stay calm and not let stress over-take you.

You look at some of the top male athletes and performers and they generally have good rapport with their sons and daughters. O.K. I think that Mohammed Ali’s daughter had a falling out with her dad. But, he was still there for her, when she needed him.

And if you ever read Oprah Winfrey’s biography, you will see that she was a troubled teenager. She stole money, dated boys (unheard of back then), skipped school and ran away. She was sent to live with her father, Vernon Winfrey, who brought the troubled girl up in a strict, but loving home. Oprah later became a top student, public speaker, beauty contestant, journalist and talk show host. And the rest is history.

So, dads, be the best example and be healthy for your daughters. You need to be around for them for a long time.

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