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How to Sculpt Diamond Calves: For Fitness and Knock out Legs

            Strong calves aid balance, power and stamina to human movements. Well-developed calves are both functional and attractive.  They both aid and assist in movements like dancing, skipping, sprinting, hiking and racquet sports.

            Fortunately, they respond quickly to proper exercise. I found the following routine from Kurt Brungartd’s book: The Complete Book of Butt and Legs and have used it with hundreds of trainees. Not only do the calves respond quickly to this routine, but also the proprioceptor (balance) muscles and the good ol’ glutes (butt muscles).

            Here it is:

            Use a stair, curb or any fixed object that you can balance on the balls of your feet and allow your heels to be lowered. 

With your toes and balls of your feet on the platform (eg. Stair), lower your heels as far as they can go and then raise up as high as you can go. That my friend, is a simple calf raise.

            You will be performing three sets of calf raises. Please follow the sequence with no more than 15 seconds delay between each set.

1st set, toes forward                             10 to 30 repetitions

2nd set, toes inward (pigeon toed)       10 to 30 repetitions

3rd set, toes outward                             10 to 30 repetitions

            Start out with 5-10 repetitions and only increase the repetitions to 30 when you can complete all three sets in good form.  At the end of the three sets, lower your heels and gently let the muscles stretch out.  Do this routine one to three times per week for eight weeks.

At first, you may experience tightness.  but later you will be able to gain greater range of movement and may also see an improvement with your posture and balance as well as diamond-cut calves.

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