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She Dropped 250

She Dropped 250

No kidding. She dropped two hundred and fifty pounds. A special client dropped the first 50 pounds in four months. But that was not what made her lighter.

It was a change in her attitude.

See, she was a struggling single mother and business woman. The stress was wearing her down. Born in Russia, fairly new to Canada, she was often quiet and reserved. Though there seemed to be something weighing on her.

At the time, I was too stressed and busy to take on a new client. I just bought a new townhouse, was busy in my day job and personal training business and my sister was terminally ill. Reluctantly, I took the lady on as a personal training client.

It was one of the best choices that I made with clients. I always had such great conversations with this lady when we trained. It got to the point that I really looked forward to training her. She knew so much about international affairs, business and marketing. But, there was still that sad side to her personality.

Then she really seemed to get happier.

E (I will call her that) really did lose that 50 pounds of excess weight. The change was fairly quick and she looked strong, shapely and solid. E also had taken up skiing and other activities that she never had the confidence to do before.

Then the truth came out. The truth about dropping 250 pounds.

E confided in me about the other 200 pounds that she lost. It was in the form of couple of hundred pounds of overbearing boyfriend. He was from some demanding middle eastern culture that had been grinding down her self-esteem. Since then, anyone could see that she was way more confident with herself after dropping that other 200 pounds, if you get my drift.

It was also kind of funny, because at that time, E kept getting free gym space and around the city. As it turned out, different guys whom she met, gave her parking privileges in very expensive areas of the city. So, she was receiving all of these dates and favours from these suitors.

Thing was, her new found energy and dating was more from her change in attitude and not just the cosmetics of fitness and weight-loss.

Watching her success was a game changer for me as well. While training this amazing lady, I came to understand that fitness training is not just about performance, weight-loss and cosmetics. Fitness and health is more about the sense of well-being and self-confidence.

She discovered the power of doing better, being better and accepting better.

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