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Fitness and Survival (for After the COVID-19)

Fitness and survival goes hand-in-hand. Whether it is surviving an outbreak, disaster, a war or even an economic slump. A person’s skills, intelligence AND fitness will often determine their ability to survive and thrive.

While serving as a paratrooper and United Nations peacekeeper, I learned really fast that if you were not physically fit, you were a liability to yourself and everyone around you. The physically fit soldiers were the least likely to get in trouble (except for fights), get sick or get injured than the lazy soldiers.

Back in the civilized world, I see these gyms full of pretty boys and fashion queens who spend more time refilling their water bottles or adjusting their ipods than actually training. Do you honestly believe than most of this lot could do hard physical work all day on little food, water and sleep? I think not.

So, where are you in your fitness? Does a walk up a flight of stairs after your smoke break count as fitness? (I heard this from a supervisor once.) I mean, this COVID-19 lock down has been a good wake up call to people living sedentary lives. When jobs are scarce or work is difficult, you might need a strong back and plenty of stamina to get you through some hard times. Never mind this Calorie-burning, booty camp and perfect bod fantasy.

The fitness goals need to be concerned with strong core muscles, overall strength and stamina. Cosmetics come of a result of a fit, healthy body. Do not forget that physical exercise is instrumental in reducing and releasing stress and often promotes improved mental stimulus.

Physical fitness also helps build mental strength. Super athletes I know, like Monika Kriedmann Bleckenwagner (Iron Man Competitor)Trish Dong (KettleBell champion) and Meagan Hackinen (world record holder in distance cycling) are too busy training, cooking or writing books to worry about the effects of some exotic flu. Check out Meagan’s book: South Away.

I cover many of these training methods, including the mental programming in my training (contact me: doug@dougsetter.com) and my books. See Flat Gut After 50. Strength Endurance Secrets.

You want to be strong, tough and ready.

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