Look good and feel great with 5 to 10 minute exercise sessions that build a flat stomach, pain-free back and strong body so that you can jump out of bed in the morning, touch the floor and feel self-confident in your abilities.

Forget Calorie counting, endless cardio and joint-jarring routines that can accelerate aging and injury. The Stomach Flattening Training Manual delivers basic steps to strengthening the entire body, easing back pain, trimming your waistline and matching the strength and endurance of a younger person.

In this book you will uncover:

How to adjust your posture for a flatter gut in minutes
Breathing techniques that take inches off your waistline and give you more energy
Ways to reduce back pain, strengthen your lower back and protect it from injury
Effective ways to boost your metabolism so you burn more fat
How to change your mental programming to regain the strength and power of your early years.

Written by a former paratrooper, United Nations peacekeeper, competitive kickboxer (title belt winner at age 40), marathon runner, and personal trainer now in his 60's, The Stomach Flattening training manual offers you methods, shortcuts and tricks to having a strong, flat stomach for the rest of your life so you can:

Project greater confidence
Breathing techniques that take inches off your waistline and give you more energy
Reduce medical bills
Be strong, fit and self-assured in your golden years.

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See What Other People Are Saying...

“Dear Mr. Setter, For years, I suffered arthritis and bursitis pain in my shoulder, back and hip.  My body was stiff and painful when I moved.  Since training with you my body has healed and I no longer need pain medicine for my arthritis and bursitis. Thank you so much for the freedom of working out without pain and being able to wear a size 3 dress again

Cora Lindop

Vancouver, B.C.

“Doug, Your training has given me more energy, better flexibility, weight-loss and stronger stomach muscles. I sleep better, snore less, eat better and share more time, exercise and the outdoors with my wife (who has a renewed interest in me now. I wonder why?

Dean Robertson

Surrey, B.C.

“Doug’s training is for anyone who really wants to stay strong and active in one’s work and personal life.”

Doug Burgis

Whitehorse Airport Fire Chief, Yukon.

“Setter has written a straight up book on getting a flat gut without the long hours of cardio.”

Erl Julien

Executive Protection, Florida.

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