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George Castanza School of Body Building

George Castanza School of Body Building

Man, I wished that I had learned from George Castanza about body building and fitness.

Seinfeld’s buddy, George, has it all down pat. His exercise consists of annoying people, dodging responsibility and righteous outbursts. George follows a rigorous diet of sandwiches and apple pie and employs a routine of constant anxiety.

However, George’s real life actor, Jason Alexander is a human dynamo. He writes, directs, acts and, believe it or not, sings! The guy is a genius. At around age 60, he dropped 30 pounds and became a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig company.

It seems ironic, that I guy who played a 30 to 40 year old who could not get his act together is a real-life hard-charger who is fitter after age 60 than his younger years.

“I just finished a fantastic workout. I’ve never looked better in my life, which is saying nothing,” Alexander says.  (Metro Times, Detroit Metro Times, Oct. 19, 2019).

Why not reinvent ourselves later in life? After age 50 we don’t have the luxury of fast-healing bodies and time for learning mistakes. That is why I wrote Flat Gut After 50 . It works for 20 year-olds, but is geared for people past that mid-point. It cuts straight to the chaste about overall body strength, pain-free back and re-programming the mind into getting into strong, fit body and mind.

End of story.

We might love George Castanza. But, we sure don’t want to live like him.

Flat Gut After 50

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