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How a Career Cripples or Cures

How a Career Cripples or Cures

It was one of the best places to learn, be noticed and boost a career in the Canadian military.

Two army captains following this path in the country’s capital were both fit, well-educated and ambitious. And both on the path to burnout, poor health, pain and regret.

But, one clued in. The shoe was not fitting. The prestige, the money, the position and the promise of promotion was going nowhere fast.

He said, good bye to a stable, well-paid job with a generous pension to become a carpenter. A handy, dandy dude that made awesome projects with his own hands and tools.

Lost the career, a marriage and ended up with plenty of construction problems and uncertainty.

And was happier for it.

I never saw a cooler ,guy to work with go down such an unsuited path in a place that he did not like and be around some people whom he despised. It was painful hearing the joke-around guy sound so down and going bad places. That is, until he work up to what he really wanted to do and dropped the executive-type job and become a common carpenter.

In two years, despite divorce and several problems, he was never happier. His health and relationships improved. My old friend was back.

Another guy who is a friend/client made a few relationship changes and boom. Suddenly, he drops excess weight and got more ripped by the week. And drank less. And has a whole better disposition. And dates nice women.

Yet, the third associate, the second captain does not follow his heart, his gut or even a chunk of common sense. His health is failing, he has troubles sleeping and is unhappy. You might think that he stays because he wants the position, the title, the bragging rights or whatever keeps people in death-like careers. After all, he must keep going because that is what his peers did.

I won’t even mention my fourth friend who I used to workout and have lunch with. He who worked and stressed himself into health problems, diabetes, a poor heart and an electric wheel chair. Then an early death.

Since when is a career, especially someone (parents and peers) else’s idea of a career supposed to be better for your future?

It reminds me of exercise and health. The same over and underweight or sick people always seem to take the some of the most painful, torturous lifestyles. THEN they take the most painful routes to gaining and regaining health. Why do they make it like bitter medicine?

They should train and eat to live. Not the other way around.

This is why I designed Flat Gut After 50 to be taken in small, bite-sized chunks. This way, progress is simple and attainable. Not all or nothing.

The approach to these ugly careers, relationships or lifestyles is to find some joy, some sense of progress or an exit.

Keep your strength.

–(Sgt.) Doug Setter

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