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How I Earned the Nickname Abdoman

How I Earned the Nickname Abdoman

I carried the handle, “Abdoman” for most of my adult life.

It happened during an army Junior Leadership Course (JLC). We were young army reservist corporals training to be military instructors. I was in my shorts shaving one morning, when a fellow trainee, Jordy Anderson, started pointed at me, laughing and shouting, “Look at those abs! I am going to call you Abdoman!”

We made up names for other people and constantly made jokes to handle the pressure of the course. The leadership course involved physical training, field craft, giving classroom and lessons on weapons, navigating, polishing boots and pressing uniforms. The drop-out rate was high in that course. (I think Jordy might have failed for kicking that boulder onto the course officer, but that’s another story.)

The nickname kind of faded out, until another friend, Bruce Kelly decided to exploit the nickname on our Infantry Section Commander’s Course. (Another gut-crunching leadership course that tested one’s tolerance more than their ability to instruct or lead.) Bruce announced that he would think of a different variation of Abdoman every day. So, it became, “Abdocommando, Abdogazelle, Apoco-ab Now, etc.” Regardless of the situation, it always got a laugh.

It was funny. Yet, it also reminded me of how important core strength was in those days of running around with a loaded rucksack (backpack), working long hours or training in martial arts. If the stomach muscles held up, the back muscle held up. And you are only as strong as your back muscles. So, as I got older, I studied and trained to maintain my core strength. It helped me in some difficult situations and really kept me from getting seriously injured.

Now that I am passed 60 years of age, I would like to share with you what I have learned, in my book: Flat Gut After 50.

I hope that you find it a good read and useful information. There is even a section on how to program yourself to like exercising.

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