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Boosting Your Immune System

Boosting Your Immune System

Surviving pneumonia three times by the time that I was six, got me interested in health. Especially immunity.

I will cut to the chaste and share what has boosted my own immune system over the last five decades. Feel free to disagree. 

  1. Sound sleep. Good quality sleep builds the immune system, promotes muscle growth and reduces cortisol (which can cause excessive weight gain). While in the army, my ability to sleep almost any where allowed me to stay functional. NOTE: Eating sugar within 1.5 hours of sleep will impede the body’s ability to recover. Try turkey, oatmeal or a low glycemic food. Avoid sweet fruit, pastries, ice cream, etc.
  2. Specific herbs. Most culture have their healing herbs. The most potent I have found are: Chaga, reishi, Korean ginseng, garlic and ginger. The chaga and reishi can be expensive. But, at age 61, I can really feel the difference when I am taking them regularly. 
  3. Specific nutrients. Vitamins A, multiple B’s, C and D are the great standbys. I take three to ten times the recommended dosages. Recommended dosages are the bare minimal, not optimal. Also worth mention are the amino acids: argenine, lysine, tryptophan and ornithine. (500mg.)Most amino acids build the body, burn fat and fight infection.
  4. Avoiding the popular poisons: Sugar, wheat flour (plugs the colon), pasteurized milk and nicotine. Caffeine and alcohol are OK in moderate amounts. I like my green tea, red wine and dark, dark chocolate. Long-living smokers and drinkers are the exception. 
  5. Fresh air and activity. I cannot figure out why so many people spend hours on treadmills and stationary bikes, when their gyms are a few blocks from a park or beach. Exercising outside is far more fun and healthy. 
  6. Exercise. Or just plain movement. People who walk, move and exercise almost always live better lives than the sedentary. End of story. 
  7. Sweat. When I train hard or sit in a sauna, there is nothing like a good sweat to make you feel clean and improve your sleep. 
  8. Sunshine and vitamin D. With the skin cancer scare and low-fat diets, western cultures are generally starved for vitamin D. Vitamin D is fat soluble and found in many animal fats such as butter and eggs. As a kid, my mother made sure that I had cod liver oil in the winter time. Actor Michael Caine (in his autobiography, What’s It All About),mentions how, as a child, his health improved after moving out of the city (during the bombing of London) and receiving cod liver oil. 
  9. Having a purpose or reason to get out of bed far outranks the people who just get up to pay the bills. When I was training for the military, a race or kick-boxing match or studying hard for a test, I was at my peak and seemingly bullet-proof.
  10. Get a handle on the worry habit. This COID-19 is going to pass. Worrying about it just weakens the immune system. 

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