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Low-Fat Depression:

Low-Fat Depression:

How Common Myths are Depressing Us

“This only has 200 Calories,” said the eight year old, waving around a small container yogurt. “It is better because it is low fat.”

That makes about as much sense as buying more toilet paper during the COID-19 virus pandemic.

I shuddered at the thought of a child counting calories. Especially, when she is going to mistake eating less fat will make her slim. Instead, her low-fat, high sugar yogurt will turn her into a depressed little butterball. (Sorry to say.)

So more sugar. Less fat with fat-soluble vitamin A, D, E and K.

Low Vitamin D equals lower resistance to disease and depression. (Look it up if you do not believe me.) So, now misguided, heavy mom is training her daughter into another tubby, neurotic girl who will be plagued with health, weight and emotional problems later in life.

Mislead eating might get me more clients. But, they will be difficult clients. Clients who claim that doughnuts are calling their name or they will die without their daily pastry. This leads to such low self-esteem in one near client, that she refused to exercise in front of a mirror because she did not like the sight of herself. (She also wanted free lessons for her overweight son while she went to Maui, but that is a different story.)

This is so messed up. The low fat means low vitamin D. Coupled with the fear of sunlight, means even less vitamin D3. More depression, more illness, less energy. Cannot look good when you are feeling tired, worn out and overweight.

Any hope of turning this weighty problem around?

Sure is. Get off of the sugar habit…I mean addiction.
Switch the lame starvation diets of bagels and fruit to high protein like eggs, cheese and vegetarian sources.

Trade in the lame treadmill and pathetic low-output exercise into something fun, outdoor or intense. Learn about a couple of proven supplements that boost energy (hint: vitamin B6 is one of them.)

I wrote: Flat Gut After 50 to cut through much of this misinformation and misconception and self-torture.

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