Stomach Flattening System

Shed the flab and boost your energy, strength and stamina with the Stomach Flattening System Carving out a washboard abs or a well-toned tummy is not about counting calories and crunches. Using little-known breathing techniques and posture exercises from the far east alone can strengthen the stomach muscles and overall body strength. Couple that with …


Global Award winner in teen literature Selo “The Karate Kid meets the God Father.” Les Kingsley is sixteen, skinny and scared. He spends his days dodging bullies at school, work and home. When he befriends a hospital patient, he is guided into new found strength, confidence wealth that he never knew before. But his mentor …

Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better: Student’s Edition

132 Pages  $6.99 USD

A sound approach to controlling alcohol behavior, including the physiological effects of alcohol, the differences in biochemical reactions to alcohol based on genetics, different types of alcohol addictions, environmental factors, and nutritional guidelines to mitigate or prevent damage and even help you detox safely.


Reduce Your Alcohol Craving

WARNING: The information in this book can improve your health, career and relationships just as it did for the author. Following the simple methods in the book can save hundreds of hours of therapy and meetings as well as allow you to enjoy the occasional drink or give it up altogether. You can say good …

Strength Endurance Secrets: Build an Unstoppable 2nd Wind

Relentless Strength and Endurance can be yours now! Learn the time-tested secrets that launch your body and mind into an amazingly strong, enduring and powerful state with “Strength Endurance Secrets” Dear Friend, I was an eye-rolling sceptic.  After 10 years of military training, weight-lifting and martial arts, I thought I could spot what was result-generating …

Doug Setter’s Health & Fitness

Hi, I am Doug Setter, trainer and author of Strength-Endurance Secrets.  Thank you for dropping by. My mission is to show you how to flatten your stomach, lessen back pain, gain lean muscle, strength, endurance and flexibility without gimmicks, drugs or starvation diets.   With health & fitness, comes a feeling of well-being and self-confidence.  Trust …


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