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Flat Gut After 50: 5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Core, Prevent Injury, and Look Great into Your 60’s and Beyond



Imagine Having a Strong, Flat Stomach for the Rest of Your Life

Now that you’ve passed the half century mark is your energy sagging like your waistline? Forget starvation diets and joint-jarring, lengthy cardio routines that can accelerate aging and injury. Flat Gut After 50 teaches you five basic steps to easing back pain, strengthening the entire body, trimming your waistline and matching the strength and endurance of a person half your age.

In Flat Gut After 50 you will discover:

  • The ideal waist-to-hip ratio for a healthy and attractive body
  • How to adjust your posture for a flatter gut in minutes
  • Breathing techniques that take inches off your waistline and give you more energy
  • 6-pack carving tricks of the trade
  • A basic abdominal workout that anyone can do at home
  • Ways to reduce back pain, strengthen your lower back and protect it from injury
  • Effective ways to boost your metabolism so you burn more calories
  • The best diet for your body’s metabolic rate
  • How to change your mental programming to regain the strength and power of your early years.

Written by a former paratrooper, infantry sergeant, champion kick-boxer (title belt winner at age 40), marathon runner, and personal trainer now in his 60’s, Flat Gut After 50 offers you methods, shortcuts and tricks to having a strong, flat stomach for the rest of your life so you can:

  • Take on harder physical challenges with ease
  • Keep up with your kids and grandchildren
  • Prevent injuries
  • Reduce medical bills
  • Increase stamina and performance in the bedroom
  • Be proud of your strong, flat waistline!


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