Reduce Your Alcohol Craving



Natural methods of recovering from alcohol damage and reducing the craving for alcohol.


WARNING: The information in this book can improve your health, career and relationships just as it did for the author.

Following the simple methods in the book can save hundreds of hours of therapy and meetings as well as allow you to enjoy the occasional drink or give it up altogether. You can say good bye to: Lost weekends, nausea, hangovers, financial abuse, regrets and feelings of helplessness. Based on the research of scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, Dr. Joan Larsen and AA founder William Wilson.

Fact: You can enjoy moderate amounts of alcohol without damaging your health, if you take precautions.

Fact: “Alcohol addiction is not due to weak will or moral depravity; it is a genetic metabolic defect,..(like gout)” Pearson and Shaw (1982)

Fact: You do not have to pay for expensive therapy or attend embarrassing meetings to lessen your craving for alcohol.

This book can teach you how-to:

1. Protect yourself against alcohol poisoning.

2. Repair your health after years of drinking.

3. Enjoy alcohol with less harmful side effects.

4. Improve your sleep & concentration

5. Increase your health

6. Get out of your rut.

WARNING: Making these kind of bio-chemical and life changes will very likely cause you to change your life, leave dead-end jobs and relationships, feel better about yourself.


“I knew of course that I was drinking because of my upbringing, bad luck and anger issues. However, NOTHING has worked as well as Doug’s methods! It has helped me and I sincerely hope that you will give it a try to reduce your Alcohol Craving problems.”
— Anton Leontowicz,

“From biochemistry, to psychology, sleep and eating disorders – a tremendous amount of material is dealt with in a very straightforward and helpful way. It’s filled with useful strategies such as the “5 minute rule” which I plan to implement in my own psychotherapy practice.”
— Alan Gettis, Ph.D.,
Clinical Psychologist,
author of 
The Happiness Solution

Reduce Your Alcohol Craving – ebook – $6.99


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