Strength Endurance Secrets

Strength Endurance Secrets Learn the time-tested secrets that launch your body and mind into an amazingly strong, enduring and powerful state.



Shed the flab and boost your energy, strength and stamina with the Stomach Flattening System.  Carving out a washboard abs or a well-toned tummy is not about counting calories and crunches.  Using little-known breathing techniques and posture exercises from the far east alone can strengthen the stomach muscles and overall body strength.  Couple that with the proper exercise sequence, nutrition and habit reprogramming and you have more than enough in your private arsenal to chisel out a washboard rippled set of abs that you can be proud of.

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WARNING: The information in this book can improve your health, career and relationships just as it did for the author. Following the simple methods in the book can save hundreds of hours of therapy and meetings as well as allow you to enjoy the occasional drink or give it up altogether. You can say good bye to: Lost weekends, nausea, hangovers, financial abuse, regrets and feelings of helplessness. Learn how you can: 1. Protect yourself against alcohol poisoning. 2. Repair your health after years of drinking. 3. Enjoy alcohol with less harmful side effects. 4. Improve your sleep and concentration. 5. Get out of your rut.  Based on the research of scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, Dr. Joan Larsen and AA founder William Wilson.

“I knew of course that I was drinking because of my upbringing, bad luck and anger issues.   However, NOTHING has worked as well as Doug’s methods!   It has helped me and I sincerely hope that you will give it a try to reduce your Alcohol Craving problems.–  Anton Leontowicz,  Mexico

“From biochemistry, to psychology, sleep and eating disorders – a tremendous amount of material is dealt with in a very straightforward and helpful way. It’s filled with useful strategies such as the “5 minute rule” which I plan to implement in my own psychotherapy practice.” Alan Gettis, Phd. Clinical Psychologist, author of The Happiness Solution

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Reduce Your Alcohol Craving book CLICK HERE!

 Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better: Student’s Edition

Is there a way to drink alcohol without the guilt, pain, hangovers and loss of control?  Here is a proven method for lessening the effects of alcohol and not being a total slave to the booze.  Learn which of the six alcohol biochemistries influence your reaction to alcohol and what you can do to counter and control the effects of drinking without becoming a teetotaler.  You can enjoy your alcohol or give it up without painful withdrawal.

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Avoid becoming a crime statistic.

Is there a serial crime victim?  After dealing with bullies, working with a freelance crime reporter and interviewing police, psychologists and crime victims the answer is yes.  There are learned patterns that bring together the predatory criminal and the most likely crime victim.  Just as there are very few “natural-born” criminals, there are even fewer born victims.  Fortunately, the average person can recover their own natural protective instincts by re-programming their own behaviors and changing their own environments. 

 “The research done for this informative book is excellent. I found it to be the perfect guide for potential crime victims.” – William Bell, Ex-Winnipeg P.D. Vice Squad and Sheriff

One Less Victim: a crime prevention guide CLICK HERE!– Street smart logic to avoid being a crime statistic.

Selo – Global Award winner in teen literature. “The Karate Kid meets the God Father.”