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What did early advertisers mean by “Skinny girls don’t have Oooomph!?

I would say, “Curves, baby.  Curves are what makes a woman attractive or desirable.” 

                You see, back in the late 50’s, early 60’s people were very active (walking, working, raising kids and labour-intensive living.)  There were fewer cars and fast foods and most people were not eating much, but also smoking and drinking like there was no tomorrow.  Processed food was prevalent. People ate plenty of hotdogs, white bread and pies. So skinny was the norm and not fashionable at all.  More pounds meant better chance of survival.  Women with big hips were considered very attractive.

                So, yeah.  A curvy gal was attractive.  Look at Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Sophia Loren.  All hourglass shapes.  

                The Twiggy model was the start of a great lie for attractiveness, health and fertility. Somehow, our society was convinced that toothpick models were the ideal.  To be honest.  It is not.  Too often, I have met fit, attractive women who insist that they must lose an extra five, ten or twenty pounds.  Someone or some fashion ad has brainwashed them into thinking this. Too often, this is totally unnecessary.

                In a 1993 study, in the Researcher Dr. Devendra Singh proved that the first thing that attracts many 18 to 20-year-old college males is a normal weight, and curvy female drawing, not the fashion magazine stick figures. (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 1993, Vol. 65, No. 2, 293-307). 

Dr. Singh tested a group of 106 college males, from different ethnic backgrounds.  The test subjects were shown drawings of three different weights (light, normal and heavy) with four different figures.  The figures ranged from an hourglass shape (narrow waist, wider hips and bust) to tubular shape (almost the same size bust, waist and hips). The drawings were graded on attractiveness, healthy-looking and ability to have children.

                The normal weight, hourglass shape was found consistently more attractive than the other body shapes. 

(See the study: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/05d6/0e201efb208e8561641d13df30fc6ba3bc1a.pdf)

                So, instinctively, the hourglass shape tends to be more attractive and healthy.                    

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