Doug’s methods give fast and lasting results. I personally use them and have passed these methods down to my students.”
Chief Warrant Officer Mike Fuentespina, Canadian Medical Reserves Advisor. Competitive Cyclist. Mixed Martial Arts Instructor.

I lost almost 6 inches around my waist within 6 weeks. Thank you, Doug.”
—Sandford Tuey, script writer, creator of Night of the Ninja Game.

Doug’s approach is efficiency. (After dropping 50 pounds) My waist, hips and thighs are firmer and I have that hour-glass shape back.
Ekaterina Sytcheva, Designer, Rada Fashions, Vancouver

Dear Mr. Setter (Doug), “Since I started working out with you I have found more energy, have better flexibility, lost weight and also toned my stomach muscles. I find myself sleeping better (snoring has eased somewhat according to my wife), eating more sensibly (and less often) and willing to make the extra effort when little physical challenges arise. I eagerly await an opportunity to share time, exercise and the outdoors with my wife (she’s got a renewed interest in me now too, I wonder why?). Dean Robertson, 4th Utility, Burnaby, B.C.

Doug you are so right on this, I took this advice from you many years ago with my Fitness Boot Camp and have seen amazing results up to 7 inches in a 2x a week 4 week program, thanks for sharing that tip buddy
—Susan Hyrnchuk, Steel Back N’ Six Pack course.

Dear Mr. Setter, For years, I suffered arthritis and bursitis pain in my shoulder, back and hip. My body was stiff and painful when I moved. Since I joined your Stomach Flattening class, my body got better and the pain went away (so) that I don’t need medication. I have more energy and flexibility, a stronger back and tone(d) stomach muscles. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the results. I have been watching and working out with the DVD you had sent me. I find it easy to workout at home. It is convenient and the results are amazing. Mr. Setter, thank you so much for the freedom of working out without pain and being able to wear a size 3 dress again.”
–Cora Lindop, Vancouver