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The Bloating Trap

The Bloating Trap

It took less than two hours for the lady to bloat.

How could that happen so fast?

The same reason that certain foods will give me sore eyes, itchy skin, nasal drip, gas and fatigue. The same reason that I made my greatest gains in strength and stamina when I cut out allergic foods. I drastically reduced dairy, wheat, sugar and beer. These foods were irritating my intestines and taking up space where better quality food could be nourishing me.

Yet, it was not easy erasing the years of being programmed to eat the very foods that were mildly poisoning me. School, media and even the federal government promoted the very substances that were holding me back. Milk for muscles and bones was a lie to me. Maybe some people can handle that white stuff. But, I am not one of them. The same with this ridiculous claim from “experts” that wheat products give energy. This was another lie started by the wheat marketing board trying to manipulate a low-value food. I would even argue that oranges are not all that great either. Especially, when people survived on berries and local foods thousands of years before the introduction of oranges or citrus fruits.

Back to the bloating.

When my friends and clients cut out or minimized eggs, milk, sugar and wheat, they quickly lost their roll around their midriff.

Try it and see how fast your body changes. Note that allergic foods tend to be addictive until you reach a point where your body will finally clean out and reject it.

Until then, keep at it. The work is worth the effort.

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