From Beer Gut to Stevo Standup

Congratulations to Steve who shed his beer gut and packed on some muscle in time for the beach in record time.

Steve starting out with a 24 pound extra passenger. Not the tight back muscles.

Steve, a 60 year old, farmer and bee keeper,  started out with a keg-sized beer gut, slouching posture, unable to touch his toes and would get winded after a few squats and push ups.  Worse, his body fat and blood pressure were at unhealthy levels.



Steve’s gut was actually obstructing his view of his feet.




Steve’s back Feb. 2018

Steve figured on doing something about his health and fitness situation and hired me on to train him.

Even with short lay-offs due to work and illness, Steve persisted with his training.  Some days were easier than others, but we made each session count.  That beer gut had to go.

We stuck mostly to standing free weights (cleans and presses), full-range bodyweight and breathing exercises and stretching.  Steve reported a “definite shift” in his abdominal area. Where it was originally a bloated mass of flesh, his stomach became more of a wall flexible muscle.  This meant that Steve could bend and twist at the waist.

Steve’s ribs and more muscle definition started showing.  There was a six pack coming up fast underneath the final layer of stomach fat.  The beer gut had been given an eviction notice and his triceps were forming a “horseshoe shape.”

Steve at the beach in June. He has less of a gut, better posture, shoulders more aligned.

Most important, Steve was able to move more freely and not struggle to get up from a sitting or prone position.

Beer gut almost gone. Actual ribs showing.  Muscle definition showing in the triceps.

Although, his weight only dropped about 12 pounds, Steve’s overall body fat was replaced by

Note the “V” shaped back, with muscle definition, wider shoulders and narrower waist.

muscle weight.  Functional muscle weight.  The kind of muscle muscle needed for hard manual labour and to able to recover quickly.  It is also the kind of muscle that can help you run across the street in a hurry, bicycle up hills and avoid accidents in general.  The functionally fit person is more of an athlete than just “looking good.”

Steve now does 50 deep squats and 20 push ups as part of a warm up.  He can reach his toes with his legs straight and roll up from the prone into the standing position without assistance from his hands.  I call this latest movement, the “Stevo Standup.”

Well done, Steve.

–Doug Setter


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