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The 60 Day Challenge

57 year old woman preparing for her daughter’s wedding.

Can a 57 year old lady get in shape for her daughter’s wedding in the next 60 days?

60 days. 2 months.

Starting: First week of February, 2020. End date: First week of April, 2020.

Is it doable?

Background: 57 years. Weight: (None of your business). Had and raised four children. Single. Eats irregularly and on-the-run. Some home cooked meals, some fast foods, some chips and snack foods.


1. Occasional visit to a big box gym where you wait in line for equipment while some youngster adjusts their iphone for just the right song.

2. Outrigger paddling club once or twice a week, when it gets warm out in maybe March.

3. Some walking.

Sleep is 6 to 7 hours per night. Television watching is two to five hours per day.


  1. Reduce all allergic foods that can cause swelling. Namely, beer, bread, pastries, sugar, milk and eggs.
  2. Increase protein intake and reduce starch.
  3. Twice a week, perform the Flat Gut After 50 abdominal routine which takes less than 10 minutes at a time.
  4. Walk five times per week, gym once or twice a week and rejoin outrigger paddling sessions.

Date: 11 Feb, 2020. Will step up the routine next week. Very important to think in terms of progress, not perfection.

Next post, we explore the water-retention of allergic foods, benefits of high protein foods and short cuts to carving out washboard stomach muscles.

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