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Why I Can’t Criticize the Over-size(d) Population

Why I Can’t Criticize the Over-size(d) Population

The over-sized and over-weight are constantly getting flack from, well everybody.

For decades, it seemed pretty cut-and-dry. To lose weight, use will power to eat less/better and exercise. Period. End of sentence.,

Medical experts, media and exercise maniacs are so damn smug about this often re-studied and re-evaluated fact of life.

In the University of Manitoba I studied eating disorders (and paid good money for the course and textbook) and got the same lame and mediocre conclusion: Eat Less, Exercise More.

Yet, when I ventured out on my own to study eating disorders, I found that there often family dynamics involved with many obese AND anorexic young people. Real mine fields of emotion and upsets that most researchers do not want to risk going into.

Even nutrition Phds side step around this subject like they would a giant pile of dog doo-doo. And they can quote all of their selected, government paid studies that they want. But, I have seen first hand what happens when people are under huge amounts of stress or weird family dynamics.

Many fitness trainees, personal training clients and even army recruits often go through a personality change before they either get in kick-butt shape, gain muscle or drop pounds. Or go the other way and get sickly thin and start bloating out.

I know that I could barely gain an inch of muscle, until I calmed my nerves and slept better. I did much of this through practising yoga, meditation and vitamin supplementation.

Conversely, a good friend and client did not start dropping pounds and get in kick-butt shape until she dropped her over-bearing boyfriend.

A good childhood friend, who has always been heavy, finally told me (after 50 years) that when he was 11 years old, his older sister had shot herself. 

Still another associate, did not get healthier until she left an abusive home life.

See how quick people see overweight (or underweight) and right away blurt out: too lazy, too much (or not enough) food.

See a common thread?

It is called excessive stress-producing cortisol. It can come from trauma or injury or some false belief. 

The body, under stress, has most of its bodily functions shut down. That is why the stressed out skinny person is unable to digest and assimilate food properly. (Sometimes from eating dinner with a raving alcoholic parent or spouse.) The overweight person under stress, also has difficulty assimilating food, burning fat or developing muscle as these body systems are on hold. Meanwhile the cortisol is trying to protect the body by gaining weight and limiting mobility.

Outside of counselling and therapy, the individual can help themselves by, at least, getting physically healthier. Thins means regular exercise, regular sleep and nutrition. 

This also means feeding and protecting your nerves by consuming high protein meals and above recommended amounts of B vitamins. I kid you not that heavy B vitamin consumption has improved weight management, concentration, mental disorders, skin, eye sight and even sleep. I highly recommend a good supplement as our food is almost always a compromise. 

I will also mention the intake of calcium and magnesium to also feed the nerves. 

With the stronger nerves comes better coping ability, which makes weight management easier. 

Which brings us back to criticizing weight problems. You never really know what could be going on with some people’s lives. 

I hope that this helps someone out there.

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