He seemed to have all of the advantages for the 1.5 mile fitness test.

             I mean, the guy was running often on the army base and I had just been posted from an out station in the Queen Charlotte Islands (with a clear view of Alaska).  So, I had been in a desk job for a year and maybe ran a grand total of two or three miles, at a time a few times a month.  The runner, whom I will just call Andre had been in the field unit for over a year and was both fit and climatized to the humid climate of Kingston, Ontario in Canada (600 km north of New York).  Some might say that he was better looking than me, but I won’t go into that.

Andre ran three miles (five kilometers) every day and would eventually get an award when he reached some distance like 1,000 miles.  To beat him, I thought that I would have to run harder and more every day.

But, after a little research about how professional runners trained, I figured out a system of:

Mondays:        Lift weights.

  1. Squats: 1 set of 30
  2. Pullovers: 2 sets of 15
  3. Roman chair sit ups: 2 sets of 25-50
  4. Hyper-extensions: 1 set of  30

Tuesdays:        Light run, plus sprints.

Wednesday:    Easy day

Thursday:        Lift weights

Friday:             1 x longer run (3 to 9 miles)

So, when I did the math, I figured that Mr. 3 miler was training about 45 minutes a day.  3/4 of an hour x 7 days = 5.25 hours (5 hours and 15 minutes) per week.

Not to mention, warm ups (10 min.), cool downs (10 min.).  Which 20 min. X 7 days makes another 140 min. Or 2 hours and 20 min.  Totaling 7 hours and 35 minutes.  Plus the extra showers and laundry.

My routine worked out to:

  • 3 x 20 minute workouts,
  • Warm ups and cool downs of 20 minutes each workout. (3 x 20 min.)
  • Plus .5 to 2 hours for the long run each week

3 x 20 min. + 3 x 20 min. + 2 hours = 5 hours/week.

I could also carve that down to 4.0 to 4.5 hours if I really pushed for speed.

The final results?  After less than two months of training, I totally destroyed the 3-mile-a-day guy during a 1.5 mile (approx. 2 km) fitness test.  It was absolutely no competition.  What’s more, I was physically stronger and more muscular than my competitor.  (Maybe even better looking, though he did have the moustache and the French accent that some women liked.)

Meanwhile, the jogging had left Andre with a bit of a roll around his waist.  He had not gained the overall body strength or the ability to “change gears” and run at different speeds that my training had given me.

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