Stomach Flattening System

Shed the flab and boost your energy, strength and stamina with the Stomach Flattening System

Carving out a washboard abs or a well-toned tummy is not about counting calories and crunches. Using little-known breathing techniques and posture exercises from the far east alone can strengthen the stomach muscles and overall body strength. Couple that with the proper exercise sequence, nutrition and habit reprogramming and you have more than enough in your private arsenal to chisel out a washboard rippled set of abs that you can be proud of.

Learn the secrets of gut-disappearing posture, stomach toning breathing, little known body builder’s sequence, power nutrition, elimination and mental conditioning to flatten your stomach and keep it flat. Tone your stomach even while driving your car. Methods used by body builders, dancers, martial artists and athletes.


“Covers a Whole Lot More than Stomach Flattening Doug Setter’s exercise book on stomach flattening covers a whole lot more than the needed exercises. He starts with posture. It turns out Mother was right about standing up straight. Holding proper body alignment improves functioning and how you feel. How easy it is to slump through the day at home, at the computer, at work. Doug recommends giving your lifestyle a boost by purposely standing straight. Correct posture is not the military attention pose, either. Who knew? Then there’s breathing correctly. Doing both not only benefits the body but the mind as well. You will feel better. He then demonstrates via pictures and description how to systematically pull in and strengthen stomach muscles. Step-by-step, the reader works systematically through his routine and makes it his or her own. He recommends giving oneself rewards as you achieve exercise goals. Not only does he tell you the exercises needed, he gives you the rationale so you understand how and why it works. He discusses at length proper eating for your body type and shares his “tricks” for staying on a program of self-improvement. A major enemy is white flour and sugar, and he recommends increased consumption of healthy, fresh, high-fiber foods. You will keep this book.” — Carrol Wolverton

“The breathing exercises alone hardened my gut.” –John Stewart, VPD

“I lost 6 inches in 6 weeks. Thank you, Doug.” –Sandford Tuey, creator of Galactic Gladiators

“The section on changing behavior could have been a book in itself. Doug gives specific examples of how to change your mindset to get the results you desire. I highly recommend Stomach Flattening for fitness beginners or athletes who want stronger, slimmer midriffs.” –Laurie Bell, female body building champion, Colorado, U.S.A.

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