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Why I Ousted A Creepy Army Recruit

Why I Ousted A Creepy Army Recruit

After instructing regular and army reserve courses for decades you get a feel for recruits who are toxic. Not the socially awkward, over/underweight or seemingly crazy, but plain destructive. Maybe even a bit evil.

Two things I clued into when recruit “H” showed up. One, he was a know-it-all wise-guy and Two I recognised him from over 25 years ago. Right away, he started making lewd comments to the female recruits and was trying to be the hot-shot recruit. He even invited me to watch him compete in a karate tournament. I was not impressed (was I supposed to be in awe?) and read him the riot act on conduct and trying to be personal. Then, I told him that I knew who he was and his new name had no bearing. He was a sneaky little sexist creep who had not learned.

And guess what trade had ACCEPTED this creep. Yep. The military police.

I always took pride in my recruits and saw many go onto to good careers and lives. Not this one. I spent much of my free time researching his background. Call it fate, but one information source told me that H was a former sex-offender.

Game on, creep. I pulled every trick in the book, wrote volumes of reports and let the military police know of the trouble coming their way. (It helps to have friends every where.) Soon “H” was gone.

Maybe it seemed unfair. Maybe it was the wrong approach and he might have turned a new leaf. But, then again, maybe I saved someone’s life from being ruined.

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